Unaccompanied and Migrant Children

The Situation:

The recent influx in unaccompanied and migrant children arriving in the United States is a result of risk factors causing them to leave their home countries. The children’s countries of origin are aggravated by lack of protection from drug trafficking, violence, sex trafficking, poverty and unemployment, among other factors. As a result, these children are vulnerable to harmful acts, such as gender-based violence, harassment, persecution and extortion. Some children are hoping to reconnect with family members who have migrated to the U.S.

Read more about what is really going on in this Myth vs. Fact resource.

Our Response:
As members of the ELCA, we are called to love and welcome all. We answer the call when children who are running from hunger, poverty and harm arrive on our doorstep. We believe it is our responsibility to protect and care for those who are most vulnerable by providing services to ensure their safety, upholding their human rights and recognizing and preventing risks of exploitation. In a living example of caring for our neighbor, the ELCA – through Lutheran Disaster Response – is responding to the arrival of these children with grace and compassion.

Lutheran Disaster Response, working with companions and strategic allies such as Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, is committed to walking with unaccompanied and migrant children within this country and across borders.

What Can You Do?

Support unaccompanied migrant children by telling Congress to approve adequate funding to address this crisis. Find out how.

Pray for those affected by violence, that they may be granted peace and healing.

Your gifts designated for Unaccompanied and Migrant Children will be used in full (100 percent) to assist those directly impacted by this crisis. Gifts from people like you allow us to respond to those who are most vulnerable. 

To learn more about the situation and the ELCA’s response:
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