Index of May 2014 Issue

Issue 34 of Administration Matters

Campaign for the ELCA 
Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA, is the first-ever comprehensive campaign for our church, approved by the 2013 Churchwide Assembly in response to God’s call to love and serve our neighbors, to boldly respond to the needs of the world with a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. It seeks to raise $198 million in support of new and expanded churchwide ministries above and beyond those supported by regular weekly offerings.  >more
Ethics Policy for Congregations
Adopting an ethics policy is the best practice to help clarify fiduciary duties and address conflicts of interest or appearance of conflicts.  >more

Tips for web managers – copyright
Copyright and trademark laws apply to online publishing. In order to use someone else’s work on your website you must get permission from the author or creator of the work.  >more​ 

ELCA Group Ruling Tax Exemption
An ELCA IRS ruling certification letter can be used when you apply for bulk mailing permit, state sales tax exemption, to receive grant or matching funds, estate settlement or simply for proof of tax exempt status.  >more

Information Security Awareness
Security breaches and stolen personal information are in the headlines too often these days. To prevent your congregation from losing members data, review this updated guide to information security.  >more

Reducing risk – cell phones while driving
Congregations should consider creating a “no cell phone use while driving” policy for all employees and volunteers that is more expansive than what state and local laws may already require.  >more​ 

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