Ten Top Reasons Why You Should Join LACE

Karen Matthias-Long

A colleague of mine shared the following list of ten reasons why you should join LACE. I would like to extend my thanks to the anonymous author AND I would encourage those of you who are reading this blog to point Christian educators to this blog entry and to the Lutheran Association of Christian Educators (LACE)website!

Why join LACE? Here are ten excellent reasons:

  1. It is fun to share ideas with others.
  2. It is helpful to share your good ideas with others. It builds up the body of Christ.
  3. You need a supportive network when your church is in a budget crunch or a new pastor adds more items to your job description or when you are working sixty hours a week and only getting paid for thirty.
  4. You need encouragement and advice from other Christian educators who have more experience than you.
  5. You need to give encouragement and support to Christian educators who are new to the field.
  6. You learn about new trends in the field of Christian education, children’s ministry, adult education and confirmation.
  7. You learn about new and old resources which make your work easier.
  8. More of the work previously done by the ELCA church-wide office is being carried out by networks. LACE is the place for Christian educators to go for resource-sharing and support.
  9. You don’t want to miss out on the really cool e-newsletter that comes out almost once a month with resources, ideas and information about learning opportunities as well as a quarterly written publication, TIPS.
  10. Because God wants us to live and work in community, not in isolation.
REMEMBER: Laces tie us together so that we can go places!