“Mommy! I see God’s hands!”

Karen Harthan

During a monthly conference call with resource center directors (mostly women, ages 40 – 60) and Augsburg Fortress, we were told about a new resource, “The Greatest Story – Bible Introduction.”   This Bible study covers the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation as it introduces key people, places, and events in an easy-to-understand story.  Each session is divided four sections; 1. Telling the Story, 2. Picturing The Story, 3. Singing and Praying the Story, 4. Looking Ahead.

During this call we had the opportunity to take an in-depth look at one of the segments in the study, Picturing the Story.  After hearing the story, participants have the unique opportunity of seeing sand artist Joe Castillo tell the story through his free-flowing sand art.  This is an incredible and moving way to actually see the story unfold before your eyes. 

Everyone on the call was very impressed by the sand art presentation, but a little voice in my head wondered if another audience would be as drawn to these videos as we were.  So, I showed the YouTube clip to a 42-year-old male… he loved it!  Then I wondered, would these videos appeal to an even younger age group?  I waited until one of our center users came in with her 2 1/2-year-old son to find out…

We watched the sand art video on my computer, the little boy was absolutely silent, then all of a sudden he started to jump up and down, tugging on his mom’s pant leg, excitedly shouting, “Mommy!  I see God’s hands!”  Later I found out that this young man shared what he had seen with his dad.  After waiting all afternoon for dad to come home from work, the excitement of ‘seeing God’s hands’ still hadn’t worn off!

Here is a link to the YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSxyny3m9rQ.  I hope you will feel like you are seeing God’s hands and will be excited to seek out this study at your local resource center!