Mistaken Identity!

Karen Harthan

Have you ever had someone think you were someone else?  “Oh, I’m sorry”, they say as they let go or look away, “I thought you were someone else”.  You might think, “I wonder who I remind them of?” and go on your way.  But I would like to propose to you that spiritually speaking, our goal should be a case of Mistaken Identity!  There are numerous ways the Bible presents the idea of spiritual growth.  We are to walk or live in the power of the Spirit.  We are to produce fruit of the Spirit.  We are to be holy, faithful, and true.  We are to be spiritually minded that we would live according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh.  We are to know the Word that we may resist sin and walk with the Lord in obedience.  We are to love for we have learned how to love from God who has loved us first.  In every single one of these, they can also be stated that we are to be more like Christ.  That Christlikeness is our goal.  To develop these qualities in our lives and take advantage of all the spiritual riches we have at our disposal we merely need to look to our local Resource Center.   Define your Christian ID with studies like one of these:

Faith in Motion: Keepin’ It Real: Christian Life in a Pop Culture World, A seven-session study to help youth maintain their Christian identity even as they live in a “pop culture world.” 

Faith 4 Life:  Your Christian ID  Who am I?  What’s my purpose?  Do I really matter?  These questions echo in all of our minds.  Help teenagers to discover that their true self-worth can only be found in one place:  their relationship with God.

Portraits of Jesus: A Nine-Session Bible Study on the I Am Statements of Christ.  Jesus often used the phrase “I am” to say something about his identity.  In the titles he applied to himself, Christ painted in word pictures his own self-portrait.  The nine portraits found in this study serve as beautiful vignettes and character sketches of the Lord Jesus, using images from the pastoral scenes of ancient Palestine.

Christ the Fulfillment (Matthew) A comprehensive and continuous study of Scripture to inform one’s Christian faith and discipleship in daily life.

1. A son is born; 2. An unexpected sign; 3. A unique birth; 4. Searching for a child;

5. Declaring identity; 6. Facing temptation; 7. Works of healing; 8. Inviting the weary;

9. Overcoming rejection; 10. Hope for healing; 11. Declaring allegiance; 12. Mountaintop experiences; 13. Extravagant love.

The Lutheran Magazine, Oct. 2010, Vol. 23, No. 10 – Cover Story – If you’re Like Me – Consider Embracing ‘Lifestyle Simplicity’ as a core identity and set of behaviors.

Contact your local Resource Center for suggestions on resources to help you and your congregation shape and form your Christian Identity, may you be mistaken for Christ!