More about Summer Reading

Julie Aageson

​In an earlier post, I mentioned two books on my list for summer reading: Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses: the Quest for Life at its Best and Practice Resurrection, the fifth and last in Peterson’s series of conversations about spiritual theology/scripture.  Then I added a couple of novels including Leif Enger’s Peace Like a River. Yesterday I happened to catch up with Christian Century’s Spring Books reviews and oh, my gosh!  There I found reviews of Peterson’s and Enger’s books and so much more.   For all who long to dig more deeply into scripture, Eugene Peterson’s work is the best.  Run with the Horses is Jeremiah’s story and helps me make better sense of our time and place and the ongoing struggle to be faithful.  Practice Resurrection together with the other four in Peterson’s series builds bridges between biblical texts (in this case, Ephesians) and our contemporary context.  All five are timely and deeply nourishing.   Enger’s Peace Like a River is a totally gripping modern parable.  If you haven’t read it, put it on your list!  The writing and character development is stunning and it’s rich with theological themes.  I look forward to conversations with pastors, teachers, and other leaders about these important voices!