Seeing God’s hand at work

Karen Harthan

​A Real-life Story
God Provides, and sometimes we are blessed to see… I am privileged to witness God’s hand at work often through The Resource Center (RC).  And I’d like to share a story that happened just recently.
A pastor from western Iowa was visiting the RC, looking for ideas for next fall… just then a women walked in, arms loaded and somewhat unsure I’d be interested in her treasure.  “I’m not sure if anyone would… ,” she began.  The pastor came around the corner, looking at the garment bag in the women’s hands.  The pastor asked, “Is that an alb?  Are you giving it away?”  The pastor shared, “I serve a 3-point parish and I only have one alb. It would be so great to have another one!  I’ve thought about getting another one, but they are so expensive…. “  Almost apologetically, the women replied, “My father-in-law is a retired pastor and would like to pass on a few things…,” turning to leave, “I have more outside.”  The pastor, in a joking manner said, “If you had a crown of thorns…” The woman didn’t even get out the door before she spun around, wide-eyed, “I do!” By the end of the exchange the pastor had a much-needed alb, several new stoles, a Communion and an Anointing kit, AND a crown of thorns!  An answer to prayer.  And I got to watch.
The women had planned to come the day before, but it didn’t work out. She had planned to come an hour earlier, but that didn’t work out… She commented that all the “stuff” would have been here anyway, and you would have still gotten them.  The pastor said, “No, I wouldn’t have voiced my needs if you hadn’t come at the “moment it was possible.” God’s timing is always just right!
Still gives me “godbumps” to read and remember!
I think sharing our stories…the stories where we see God’s hand at work… help to encourage and inspire us along the way, I’d love to read your stories, too–share them here!