Encouraging good health everywhere


​A Lenten activitiy from St. John Evanglical Lutheran Church in Dickinson, ND:

CROSS-GENERATIONAL LENT ACTIVITY: Lent is a time of prayer, reflection and service. Throughout Lent, you can benefit the ELCA Malaria Campaign and improve the health, wellness and spiritual areas of your life. The ELCA Malaria Campaign educates about the disease of malaria and its impact on people in poverty in Africa, especially children under five and pregnant women.  The ELCA is encouraging prayer, advocacy, education and fundraising.

So what can you do?
Beginning Wednesday, February 22:

  • As a congregation, we will attempt to reach an ambitious goal of 100,000 minutes of exercise during Lent. 
  • For every 2,000 minutes of exercise done as a congregation, St. John will purchase a malaria net to be sent to Africa. 
  • You track the number of minutes every time you exercise and keep a running total of your minutes. Any form of exercise can be used, such as walking, aerobics, swimming, gym class, sports practices and games, etc.
  • We will post the miles accumulated halfway through Lent on Wed., March 14 and the week after Easter Sunday. Participants should call or email Jodeen Myers (myers@stjohnelc.org) or Lisa Kostelecky (kostelecky@stjohnelc.org) around those two dates to report minutes. 
  • We will total the number after Easter Sunday to see if we have reached our goal! 

You are invited to participate in this activity as a prayer partner, if you will not be doing the exercising. Information about the ELCA Malaria Campaign will be available. Also, you may share a gift toward the purchase of the nets by contributing a check to St. John, with “Malaria Campaign” on the memo line. One net costs $10. There will be information available in the Commons Area soon.