Malaria research offers hope from all angles


​We’re living in a “global moment.” For the next four years, the ELCA is joining hands with other churches, government agencies, non-profit agencies, celebrities and– very importantly– researchers in our quest to overcome malaria by 2015. Malaria researchers are coming at the problem of malaria from all angles.

  • Some are working to create a vaccine that interrupts the life cycle of the malaria parasite and confers a degree of immunity. (This link has a great video!)
  • Some are working to sterilize male mosquitoes so they are unable to impregnate female mosquitoes.
  • Some are working to find new drugs that are capable of fighting off the increasingly drug-resistant strains of malaria.
  • And some, like those highlighted in this recent article in Science magazine, are working to produce the current most effective drug in a way that makes the medicine cheaper and more widely available.

As we pray for those whose lives are impacted by malaria, and our partners in Africa who are implementing life-saving malaria programming, let’s also lift up those researchers who are working with us in the scientific realm to make malaria history.