A surgeon against malaria


​Dr. James Dennis is a surgeon and an ELCA member who lives in Florida. He’s also a strong supporter of, and volunteer for, the ELCA Malaria Campaign.

Here’s a great photo of Dr. Dennis (right) with Bishop Ambrose Moyo of Zimbabwe (on the left) and me (in the middle).

Dr. Dennis explained to us why he, as a surgeon, is especially interested in malaria.

“Surgeons like things that you can do, and fix, and be done with,” he said. “Our philosophy is simple: cure the patient.”

And as we all know, malaria is both preventable and treatable. So in one way, it’s a surgeon’s dream.

“We can be done with malaria,” Dr. Dennis said. “Eventually, someday, malaria will no longer be the scourge that it is in some areas. In our lifetime, we won’t see the end of hunger. It’s a long-term project. But malaria can be eradicated now.”

His Christian Lutheran identity also informs Dr. Dennis’s interest in malaria. “It’s a medical injustice that malaria affects those living in poverty so disproportionately,” he explains. He sees it as part of his Christian vocation to work on the eradication of this disease of poverty.

Thank you, Dr. James Dennis, for your commitment to the ELCA Malaria Campaign and for sharing your story!

- Jessica Nipp
Coordinator, ELCA Malaria Campaign