Knots for Nets


​Here’s a great idea from El Camino Pines and Yolijwa Lutheran Bible Camp, Southern California:

Knots for Nets is an effort started by ELCA youth leaders in Southern California, to facilitate youth leadership in fundraising for the ELCA Malaria Campaign.  The project was initially organized by the two Lutheran Bible camps in the area, El Camino Pines and Yolijwa.

In its simplest form, Knots for Nets encourages young people to get involved by making a friendship bracelet, and trading the bracelet for a $10 donation (which corresponds with the cost of an insecticide-treated bed net and education in Africa) which is sent to the ELCA Malaria Campaign.  The bracelets are most effective when attached to an information card that describes Knots for Nets campaign and the ELCA Malaria Campaign.

Knots for Nets has been a great way for Bible camp attendees to get involved.  The friendship bracelets can be simple or elaborate.  Campers can make bracelets at camp and continue to make them at home.  Youth leaders and pastors can use Knots for Nets as a small youth project to raise funds and awareness about the ravages of malaria, especially in Africa.

To date, Knots for Nets has provided for approximately 1300 bed nets and malaria education to our Lutheran companions in Africa.  Knots for Nets bracelets and cards can be made by a local congregation or camp… or contact the Knots for Nets team at El Camino Pines Lutheran Bible Camp in Southern California (661) 245-3519 or