Tips for kids


“ One child under the age of five dies from malaria every 45 seconds in sub Saharan Africa.”

Pastor Mary Ann Bowman shared this statistic with her congregation, Bone Lake Lutheran Church in Northwest Wisconsin, when she returned from the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Orlando, FL at the end of August.  The ELCA voted to join other global partners to help eradicate malaria by the year 2015 by buying medicine and providing families with malaria nets and other initiatives.

The children in her congregation heard this statistic and took action.  They started by doing the math….that in their one hour of worship time at Bone Lake 80 children would have perished in Africa from malaria infected mosquitoes.  So what to do?  Make a difference!  The Sunday School children decided to work for “tips” on Sunday, September 24 to kick off their own malaria fund-raising campaign.  The youngest children got tips for not parking people’s cars, and for serving coffee and treats during fellowship time.  They helped people with their coats and escorted people to and from their cars.  They all had a great time and earned over $200 in tips….and that is enough money to purchase 20 mosquito nets.  Their goal is to raise enough money for 100 nets to send to African families in need.

What’s next?  The kids are planning a Kiddie Carnival for the community to raise more awareness of the malaria epidemic inAfrica.  The carnival will be at Bone Lake Lutheran Church on Sunday, October 9.  There will be face painting, crafts, relay and carnival games, cupcake walk, concessions…and lots of fun!  All proceeds will to the the ELCA’s Malaria campaign.  God’s work, our hands.

(Thanks to pastor Mary Ann Bowman for this article and for her leadership!)

- Jessica Nipp
ELCA Malaria Campagin