Story People: A craft project


I wanted to share a resource that was developed by the Northwest Synod of Washington, for their Synod Assembly in 2011, to tell the stories of people whose lives are impacted by malaria.

Volunteers (mostly children) decorated cardboard cut-outs of people, and short vignettes were affixed to the back. Each Synod Assembly delegate received a “Story Person” on their chair. This action raised a lot of awareness for the ELCA Malaria Campaign!

Malaria Stories for “Story people”

  1. I am Moyenda. I am 8 years old, and I live in Malawi with my mother and my two sisters. Last year my littlest sister got malaria. The clinic is three days’ walk away from my village.  My sister was very sick, and she didn’t make it. My family is sad. I am afraid that my other sisters might get malaria.
  2. I am Joana. I live in Mozambique. I used to get malaria a lot— three or four times a year. It made me achy, and very tired. Now my family has a mosquito net, and we sleep underneath it. Since we got the mosquito net, no one in my family has had malaria.
  3. I am Oba. I live in Cameroon. I was just born, and I am healthy. While she was pregnant with me, my mother went to a clinic and got some medicine for malaria, so she was healthy during the pregnancy. I weighed 8 pounds when I was born! Everyone rejoiced because I was such a big, healthy baby.
  4. I am Nyasha. I live in Zimbabwe with my little sister Daya and my mother. The Lutheran Church is building a clinic in my village! We are very excited. Now when we feel sick, we can go to the doctors to find out whether it is malaria, and they can help us to feel better.
  5. I am Maria. My granddaughter Chikondi lives with me. She calls me “Agogo Maria.” That means grandmother. I praise God that my granddaughter is healthy—she has no fever. We have friends in America who care about us and help us to fight malaria inMalawi.
  6. I am Desta. I live in Ethiopia. Last year, my one-year-old son died of malaria. I was so sad, and I wanted to do something to help other families keep their children safe from malaria. Now I am part of a Village Health Team, and I teach others in my village what to do if they, or their children, get malaria. I use a bicycle to travel to other villages to teach them, too. Last week, we cleaned up many puddles of water where mosquitoes like to breed. Soon our villages will be safer for all the children.
  7. I am Musa. I am 9 years old, and I live in Tanzania. Last time I had malaria, I became very sick. I could not go to school, and I could not help my mother fetch water. My mother took me to the clinic, and the doctor gave me some medicine and a mosquito net for our family’s bed. Now I feel much better.
  8. I am Amani.  I live in Liberia. At school we learned about malaria from the teacher. One day my little sister Kendi started to shake and her skin became very hot. I told my parents what I learned in school, and they decided to take Kendi to the clinic. Now she is feeling much better.