Mosquito Mascots on Parade!

Jessica Nipp Hacker

‚ÄčSometimes it seems like "mosquito madness" has taken over the ELCA!  In the effort to promote the ELCA Malaria Campaign and educate people about malaria, congregations, synods and campus ministries of the ELCA have come up with some wildly imaginative mascots. I'd like to share a few of those with you today.

This "Mega Mosquito" was created by Anders Frank of Cross of Peace Lutheran Church in Shakopee, MN. It was created from a 2-liter pop bottle, styrofoam balls, a knitting needle, flexible tubing, duct tape, and a knee-high stocking over a wire frame. The Mega Mosquito has a wingspan of more than 3 feet! Mega mosquito Anders Frank for web.jpg

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Iowa City (together with students from the Luthe ran Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa) had a great time creating mosquito mascots from pipe cleaners. Here's one of my furry favorites: 
Gloria Dei Iowa City for web.jpg

St. Stephen the Martyr in Greendale, WI got creative with outdoor ornaments.  This little guy used to be an ant, but now he (she?) has acquired a proboscis and stands proudly as a mosquito mascot:
St Stephen the Martyr for web.jpg

College Lutheran Church in Salem, Virginia created Miss Quito to inspire its members. (You can read more about MissQuito and College Lutheran's efforts here.) 
MissQuito College Lutheran for web.jpg

At Drammen Lutheran Church in the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, the mosquito mascot was designed by a middle school student. The mascot is made from a toilet paper roll, paper, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
Drammen--Mosquito for web.jpg

In Novato, California, members of All Saints Lutheran Church chose "Mo Skeeter" as their mascot. (You can read more about the Novato Malaria Campaign here, and you can find Mo here.
Mo Skeeter for web.jpg 

The Lutheran Youth Organization in Western Iowa led the charge at a recent Synod Assembly by selling "mosquito insurance" and swarming participants with these Styrofoam critters (read more about their Synod Assembly efforts here):
Western Iowa styrofoam mosquitoes for web.jpg

Pastor Dave Asendorf of Salem Lutheran Church in Catonsville, MD was himself the mosquito mascot:
Dave Asendorf mosquito for web.jpg

Another human mosquito mascot buzzed around at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD:
Augustana SD mosquito for web.jpg

Thank you for joining me in celebrating the phenomenal creativity of ELCA Lutherans! Do you have a great mosquito mascot to share? We'd love to see it! Send it to