Looking for some great ELCA Malaria Campaign images?

Jessica Nipp Hacker

​Occasionally we get requests for a great ELCA Malaria Camapign image - and we're always happy to share. This blog post will offer up several images for you to utilize in your efforts promote the ELCA Malaria Campaign in your synod or congregation. Feel free to share these widely!

Here's image number 1:

ELCA Malaria Campaign image for web.jpg

And image number 2-- Make Malaria history!

ELCA Malaria Campaign image2 for web.jpg

Image number 3 is the cover of our trifold brochure: 

ELCA Malaria Campaign image3 for web.jpg

And image number 4 is a visual display of the global progress that's being made in the fight against malaria:

ELCA Malaria Campaign image4 for web.jpg

Please let me know (jessica.nipp@elca.org) if you'd like a more high-res version of any of these images. Also note that we have *scores* of wonderful photographs that we're happy to share with you as well!