Pastor Abraham fights malaria in Zambia

Charity Springer

‚ÄčIn Zambia, one Lutheran pastor does everything he can to keep his congregation healthy and free from malaria. His congregation includes 65 people and every week 10-15 of them would be sick from the disease. Pastor Abraham Mulyata knows the danger of malaria and what its effects are.

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In trying to beat malaria and inform others about it, Pastor Mulyata educates his congregation before each worship service. "We show them pictures. We teach parents to protect children and infants," he says.

In addition to his teachings, Pastor Mulyata's congregation was provided with mosquito nets. Now, the people in his congregation know the effects of malaria and how they can prevent it by taking the proper precautions.

With the help of Pastor Mulyata and the ELCA Malaria Campaign, many people in Zambia are getting the malaria education and preventive resources that they need. "When I do home visits, I talk to them about the Word of God. I also talk to them about cleaning up their surroundings to prevent malaria. Jesus healed people with different diseases and we should try to do that too," Pastor Mulyata says.

Contributed by Charity Springer
Intern, ELCA Marketing Communications

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