Good farming techniques and malaria prevention: A great match

Jessica Nipp Hacker

In Tanzania, the majority of the population consists of small-scale farmers living in rural areas. Many of these farmers have not had access to newer farming techniques or equipment, which means their land does not produce as abundantly as it could. Many of these rural areas are also home to swarms of Anopheles mosquitos, which transmit malaria to humans. 

The Lutheran malaria program in Tanzania is addressing both of these issues. The project is reaching out to farmers through farmer extension services, providing comprehensive education on sustainable farming techniques as well as education about preventing and controlling malaria in the household.   

Peter Issah Omary Tanzania for web.jpg
Photo: Peter Issah Omary, a ginger farmer in Tanzania, has learned a lot from his participation in the Lutheran malaria program in Tanzania. 

Peter Issah Omary is one of the farmers who have taken advantage of the program. Peter is a ginger farmer living in Mamba Myamba, Goha, Tanzania. Before he became involved with the Lutheran malaria program in Tanzania, Peter was unaware of proper agricultural practices and thus had some difficulties with his farm. And of course when family members become sick with malaria, farming becomes even more difficult. 

Through the Lutheran malaria program, Peter has learned much more about farming: basic agronomy techniques, sustainable crop production, data collection techniques and good governance.  He says that his life has improved because he is now aware of the seasonal impact of farming production, good methods of planting ginger and the proper use of good-quality fertilizer in his fields.

Through his participation in the malaria program, Peter has also learned a lot about malaria. He now understands the symptoms and impact of malaria, and the importance of using mosquito nets. 

Because he is using improved techniques, Peter's farm is producing a higher yield. And because he has learned how to protect his family from malaria, they are becoming healthier.  Peter's goal for the future is to send his children to school, and he is well on his way to achieving that goal!

Thank you for your gifts to the ELCA Malaria Campaign, which support the Lutheran malaria program in Tanzania and similar programs in 12 other countries in Africa! 

Note: The ELCA Malaria Campaign​ is supporting malaria programs in 13 countries in Africa.  In Tanzania, the program we support is being implemented by Lutheran World Relief and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Our thanks to Lutheran World Relief for providing this story and photo from the program in Tanzania.