Malaria Photo Gallery Now Open!

Megan Flowers

I invite you to join me in exploring Uganda and Mozambique​ through the Lutheran malaria program. I have spent several weeks poring over (and writing captions for) hundreds of photos of the malaria programs in Uganda and Mozambique supported by the ELCA Malaria Campaign. In the process I have learned an extraordinary amount about the ELCA, the Malaria Campaign, the disease of malaria, the countries of Uganda and Mozambique and the programs we support there. It has been a great experience to be immersed into an organization this way. The most moving piece has been the people in the photos - their stories, facial expressions and their eyes. It is a powerful story told through the eyes of a human being.

I feel a bit like I've been on an amazing trip to Uganda and Mozambique. I am now longing to return, to a place I have never been, to hear more stories. To hear more from Stella, a Village Health Team member in Uganda, who seems to have a quiet personality and an amazingly compassionate heart. I yearn to chat with Juma to learn more about his passion for a small business that helps protect his neighbors in Mozambique from malaria. I want to sit with Joyce and her grandson Ivan as they wait to be seen at the hospital in Katakwi, Uganda. To personally hear stories from Irene, Eedy, Michael, Jasca, Amelia and Christie, or play with children like Dan, Judith, Rose and Dirk, would make my heart burst with joy.

Uganda 1 compressed.jpg

Photo: This young girl in Katakwi, Uganda has just completed malaria testing at an open clinic hosted by the Village Health Team as a part of the Lutheran malaria program in Uganda.

These galleries include so many amazing stories. Even so, some of the photos I connect with most do not have personal stories to accompany them.  But these photos have some of the most incredible stories, because these individuals tell their story purely through their eyes. I find myself gazing at their faces, with a huge smile on mine, wondering what they would tell me about their lives. Many of the stories here speak of a struggle caused by malaria and the challenges produced by poverty. Yet, then there is a story of hope and communities lifting themselves up.  It is a story of empowered local leaders taking a stand against this preventable and treatable disease.  It is a story of community leaders creating amazing and powerful results, positively impacting the community for long into the future.

I invite you to fall in love with these communities and stories and people of Uganda and Mozambique. They have remarkable stories to share with you. It is well worth the look. Check out our new photo galleries for the Uganda Malaria Program and the Mozambique Malaria Program.​ Be sure to check out all of the ELCA Malaria Campaign galleries​ for a special glimpse into the malaria programming in Africa. ​

Keep your eyes out for more galleries to follow. Next up is Nigeria and Tanzania!