"This household is going to improve!" - The Lutheran malaria program in Uganda

Jessica Nipp Hacker

"Malaria used to be rampant here," reports Akwi Teddy of her community in Katakwi District, Uganda, "but ever since the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) came here, the cases of malaria have reduced."  (The LWF malaria program in Uganda is supported by the ELCA Malaria Campaign.)  

Akwi Teddy for web.jpg
Photo: Akwi Teddy, shown here with her husband and baby, is participating in the Lutheran malaria program in Uganda. 

Through the LWF malaria program, Teddy has been working with a Village Health Team member (VHT), a volunteer health leader trained by the Lutheran World Federation malaria program.   The VHT "visited me many times," Teddy reports.

When she showed symptoms of malaria during her recent pregnancy, the VHT encouraged Teddy to get tested and to take malaria medication.  He also made sure that she received an insecticide-treated mosquito net. Teddy learned how to recognize the signs and symptoms of malaria and began sleeping under the net every night. And since then, "I have not had any illness anymore," Teddy reports.

After she delivered her baby, Teddy visited with the VHT again. "I came back and thanked him because I had a safe delivery," she says.​

Akwi Teddy for web 2.jpg
Photo: Akwi Teddy is happy that she and her family have learned how to protect themselves from malaria through the Lutheran malaria program in Uganda. 

Akwi Teddy is confident about her family's prospects. "This household is going to improve," she says. "Because there is no malaria anymore, whatever I earn I will use to buy household items.   I am very grateful for the help we received from LWF."

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