Frosting on the “well done” cake

Hand In Hand

​For the recongition celebration at the 2009 Summer Missionary Conference, Pr. Franklin Ishida interviewed four of the longest-serving missionary couples completing service in 2009.  Click on the “continue reading” link at the end of this post to play the video featuring
* The Rev. Cliff and Saida Lewis (Cameroon, Senegal, Egypt)
* The Rev. Joyce and Ian Graue (Papua New Guinea, Central African Republic)
* The Rev. Aaron and Lynette Albrecht (Japan)
* The Rev. David and Carla Schick  (Slovakia)
These moving snapshots will make you laugh outloud and bring tears to your eyes.  These extraordinary-ordinary servant leaders are  living answers to the question “What’s an ELCA missionary?”  Visit the “Well done!” post to see the names of all the ELCA missionaries completing service in 2009.