Syria Conflict

The situation:

For over two years, ongoing violence in Syria has led to an increased risk of a humanitarian crisis. Many Syrians have left their homes, choosing to escape the violence by relocating to more stable areas of Syria or neighboring countries. Syrians are also now faced with decreasing levels of security, restricted access to primary healthcare — jeopardizing child nutrition and health — and high levels of unemployment because of displacement.

Among the 2.5 million people displaced, many have taken refuge in Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan. Like Jordan, many of Syria’s neighbors have opened their borders to receive refugees fleeing chaos and danger in their home country. Receiving refugees is difficult work that can stretch resources and affect political dynamics in the host countries. In these difficult times, groups already vulnerable in the region can be at even greater risk.

Our response:

From the early stages of this conflict the ELCA has been committed to standing in solidarity with our companions in Syria. This support has stretched from Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson's letters to Christian church leaders in Syria, offering support of the churches' collective call for an end to violence and his prayers for the people in the region, to our financial support of partners working within Syria.

Operating through our local partners we are working to provide food and items such as hygiene kits, household items, bedding sets and clothing for internally displaced Syrians. Our partners are also addressing healthcare awareness through psychosocial care and training in nutritional support for mothers. Additionally, rental subsidies, tuition fees and classes will be available to help alleviate some of the economic burdens faced by displaced families.

We have contributed over $1 million to the support of those affected by the conflict in Syria. Gifts have gone particularly to help mothers and children and to support the Za’atri refugee camp. Your gifts can help make sure we continue our response to those most vulnerable.

What you can do:


Following the call of Syrian religious leaders, please pray for a peaceful solution to the violence in Syria. Pray for the urgent need to preserve religious diversity and respect for human dignity in Syria and throughout the region as these leaders work to advance reconciliation. We pray especially for those individuals and families who must leave their homes and possibly their country as they search for safety. You can use these prayers and resources in your worship services.


Your donations to Lutheran Disaster Response, designated for the Syrian conflict will allow this church to respond quickly and adequately to those in need.


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