Financial Assistance

We are sorry to say that the opportunity to apply for financial assistance from the ELCA Youth Gathering is closed. But don’t give up! Keep pursuing your goal of attending the ELCA Youth Gathering. We encourage you to seek out donors in your congregation and community who can catch the vision for this life-changing ministry.

Consider using social media platforms like or or to broaden your reach.

Whatever you choose to do, here are a few things to remember when asking people to support your dream:

  • People act from the heart. Tell people how you will steward their contribution and how you, your congregation, the larger church and/or the world will be impacted by their investment in you.
  • Giving is a personal act. Tell potential donors why they should care about supporting you.
  • People often give in-the-moment. Don’t delay asking for assistance. Invite them to participate in your dream and let them respond immediately. Let them act on the energy generated by your vision. 
  • Giving is an act of faith. People want the opportunity to worship God through the act of giving. Remind them that supporting you will extend their own acts of faithfulness to God’s mission in the world.