Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for the 2018 Gathering. Please read the following carefully to become familiar with the process.

  • The application for financial assistance opens July 15, 2017, and closes when all funds have been disbursed.
  • Assistance is given based on the financial need of an individual and their family. Adult leaders should apply on behalf of their young person, using the same congregational ID number that they will use when registering for the Gathering.
  • Up to $300 per person will be provided. The amount will be seen as a credit to that person’s account upon registration.
  • Financial assistance is available only to youth participants.
  • In larger congregations (15 or more people), up to 10 youth per congregation may be given financial assistance.
  • Those who receive financial assistance should register within 30 days of receiving notice or risk having the funding removed from the congregational account.
  • Assistance is not available for MYLE and the tAble registration fees as those costs are already highly subsidized. Those attending MYLE or the tAble can apply for Gathering registration financial assistance.

While the need for financial assistance always exceeds the funds available, we hope to provide some assistance to all who need it.

Please check with your synod office to see if synodical funds are available. We have encouraged synodical leadership to establish their own Gathering financial aid fund. We also encourage congregations who are able to tithe their Gathering fundraising efforts to their synodical fund to help others in their synod be a part of this transformational ministry.

Questions regarding financial assistance can be directed to


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