Risk Management and Insurance

What is Risk Management?

Did you know that risk management is the practice and mindset of identifying and analyzing loss exposures and taking steps to minimize the financial impact of those risks on your congregation?

It is essentially the continual process of making and carrying out decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of unplanned losses to your congregation and proactively establishing meaningful programs and processes to protect your congregational assets from loss due to fortuitous events.

It includes the following general process:

    1. Identification, analysis and evaluation of exposures to accidental loss to your congregation involving personnel, property and financial assets.  
    2. Use of a well-designed insurance program including the use of loss control/prevention and safety concepts as provided below by links to Church Mutual Insurance Company to minimize or eliminate risks. This includes use of such measures as well written congregational audit guidelines and misconduct policies and procedures.
    3. Implementation of chosen techniques through a focus on safety and loss prevention and close coordination of loss prevention services provided by Church Mutual Insurance Company.
    4. Minimize the impact of loss through proactive claims management and continuity planning should there be a loss or catastrophe.
    5. Monitoring of the results to ensure that your congregation operations are safely managed and that your losses are kept to a minimum or better yet, altogether eliminated.

When it comes to matters of protecting your congregation assets such as personnel, building(s) and financial assets, you as a pastor or congregational decision maker are in a very real way also a risk manager every day of the year because risk management is an excellent approach to protecting your ongoing ministry. You are the key!

There are many resources that congregations can use to reduce the risk of loss.  These resources include information on disaster preparedness, addressing crime and violence, safer activities, protecting financial assets, protecting individuals from abuse and other risk management topics.

Do you have questions, concerns, problems?
If you are an eligible ELCA congregation and are encountering any difficulties concerning the ELCA Endorsed Property and Liability Insurance Program, please contact:

Director-Risk Management
Office of the Secretary
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, Illinois 60631
Telephone: 800-638-3522 ext. 2403
Fax: 773-380-2977

Risk Management

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