Saved by grace

Saved by grace?

What does it mean when we say we are saved by grace through faith?

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Young people in the church

Young people in the church?

How can the ELCA today attract more young adult members?

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Against the laws of nature

Against the laws of nature?

Can intelligent people believe miracles have happened?

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Is God in control

Is God really in control?

How do we reconcile God and the daily bad news in the world?

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If we’re forgiven why judgments

If we’re forgiven, why judgments?

What will our actions require when Jesus comes again?

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Why organs in church

Organs in churches – why?

It was seen as an instrument that could lift the soul.

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Why do we trust in the Bible

Why do we trust the Bible?

What makes the text such an authority for Christians?

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Does tithing matter?

Is the practice of tithing still important in today's difficult economy?

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Can prayer change Gods will

Can prayer change God’s will?

Can our prayers really have an impact on God?

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