Thoughts on internship


Thoughts on internship

I've been on internship a month and a half, and I've been thinking about how much has changed.

The whole process of discernment and education for the ministry lends itself to being reflective.

The day that Rachel and I moved to Battle Lake, it was 80 some degrees and we went swimming in the lake.

Six weeks later, many of the people on our street have left for the winter, and the leaves have changed and are off the trees. To keep step with the migration of the birds and people, Zion goes to one service this time of the year.

I think that I've changed, too. I'm getting used to the timing of my work. I'm beginning to know the rhythm of the week, the Tuesday Bible study, committee meetings, council and confirmation. I've begun to set goals for my year as well.

One thing that I've been drawn to is the element of pastoral care. I've made numerous trips to local nursing homes, hospitals and parishioner's homes. I feel like I'm getting past knowing people's names and what they might do, or did, in their working life, and I'm beginning to form relationships with them.

So in thinking about what this year could or might be, I've decided to focus on pastoral care, which at its core is relationships.

I've discussed before on this blog the wisdom that I received, that pastoral care can easily be defined as "hanging out with people, during the good, the bad and the ordinary."

Pastoral ministry is relationships. In my work as a chaplain last fall, that's what drew me to the long-term-care setting, the prospect of forming relationships with people.

It is an issue of time and an issue of being with people. I love preaching and the teaching aspects of what I do.

I do feel good about the study and the reading and the struggle that goes on in the mental preparation for those things.

I also love the opportunity to share those thoughts with others and be deeply affected by their own insights and struggles.

I've been fortunate enough to have been a part of leading liturgy since my junior year of college. Worship is hugely important as well.

But what I hope to focus on as the "big thing" for internship is pastoral care, pastoral relationships and being a part of life at Zion.


Originally posted Oct. 16, 2010, at Phillip but not Melanchthon. Republished with permission of the author. Editor’s note: Seminarian Phil Roushey is on internship at Zion Lutheran Church of Amor, Battle Lake, Minn. Find a link to Phil Roushey’s entry on the blog Phillip but not Melanchthon at Lutheran Blogs.

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