Hearing the pleas of others

We are called to listen, and then we are called to take action.

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No Walls

A church without walls

God is bigger than our buildings, member lists, bank accounts.

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Youth Gathering

A bishop on his coming out

“The support … and love I have received … have been amazing.”

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St Augustine

Restlessness: a life within limits

The writings of St. Augustine still speak to us today.

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Reforming our metaphors for God

Some of the standard ones might not be useful for some people.

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Rules, rituals and a reminder

They help us turn our attention to God’s constant presence.

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The Hair

Hair: A white parent’s reflections

Children at an early age can hear society’s subtle messages.

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Love Poured

A long summer, for many reasons

But despite its many trying events, there is still hope.

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Bread of life

Jesus, the bread of life

It’s a difficult teaching, but a youth at camp understood it.

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‘Choose … whom you will serve’

Bob Dylan says, ‘It may be the devil, it may be the Lord …’

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Living Bread

‘I am the living bread’

What Jesus gave to the world was his flesh, his very self.

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I know you

Ministry in the meat aisle

The 4-year-old, pointing and beaming, said, “I know you!”

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Lutherans – as others see us

On lefse, lutefisk, adiaphora and our 21st century mission.

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‘Mommy, somebody has a gun.’

My 5-year-old son called out these scary words to me.

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Backpack, and people, blessings

It’s not just students with bags who can benefit from it.

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