Shocked, he went away grieving

We don’t like to be told there can be a problem with wealth.

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A beautiful crop but a sad story

The tears flowed as he explained what he was doing and why.

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I felt like I was unacceptable

A pastor’s offer of welcoming accommodation is rejected.

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‘Don’t cry. Be a man!’

Unfortunately, that poor advice has had tragic consequences for all.

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In that early morning space

Different avenues can lead to a time for daily spiritual reflection.

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Messing up God’s good thing

So, what can we do now to become a part of the solution? 

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Widening the ELCA’s circle

How can we as a church change our white, middle-class profile?

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An ‘Olive Agenda’ for America

Pope Francis realizes economics and ecology must coexist.

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A new opportunity to live love

We can respond to today’s diaspora with respect for diverse faiths.

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High holy days envy

High holy days envy

The Jewish idea of a period of intense introspection enchants me.

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Posts by ELCA members offering a variety of viewpoints and opinions.

Morning Prayer

Morning prayer

One of the first things that happens when I take time for silence is I start remembering all the things I am supposed to be doing but haven’t gotten to yet.

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