My heart saddens

‘My heart sank’

I’m saddened by a decision that says Black males aren’t valued.

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The joy and work of retirement

It is about learning how to live life with greater purpose.

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The handwriting on the wall

Visions. Some of the things we hope for. Someday.

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Waiting for God

A time to wait for God to come

Advent is designed to remind us of why Christ came.

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Disease of racism

The disease of racism

Let’s talk about it and commit to eradicating the epidemic.

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Shepherds for all Gods people

Shepherds for all God’s people

Our call is to respond to their need with love and compassion.

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Prayers of celebration

Using prayers of celebration

In worship, they could counter stereotypes of the elderly.

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Typhoon Haiyan  one year later

Typhoon Haiyan – one year later

The ELCA and its partners continue to provide aid and assistance.

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Posts by ELCA members offering a variety of viewpoints and opinions.

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

The best religious instruction I ever received came from explaining what it means to be Lutheran to my neighbors in my Southern hometown -- especially at Christmas.

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Love comes down

I think that, if it were happening today, Jesus' birth would take place in the alley behind the bustling pub, between the Dumpsters.

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