Families talk about faith


The Youth and Family Institute in Bloomington, Minn., offers two resources to help ELCA families talk about faith.

FaithTalk® cards. Designed for families to talk about faith both when they are at home and away from home, and in their ups and downs, this set of 192 sharing cards comes in a canvas carrying case.

From four areas — Memories, Values, Etchings and Actions — families will share stories of God's faithfulness. These are a wonderful gift for family milestones: weddings, confirmation, baptism, anniversary or family reunion.

They can also be used in other educational settings.

FaithTalk® with Children cards. Designed for faith conversation between parents or other adults and children between the ages of 3 and 11.

The faith-sharing cards focus on four areas: Memories, Actions, Growing Together and Wonder. The canvas carrying case makes it very usable when traveling.

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