Fisher's Net offers Congregation Administration course


A Congregation Administration course is offered to congregational workers via Fisher's Net.

Think of Fisher's Net as a neighborhood where you are invited to participate in a variety of learning experiences. There is no charge for this course, you proceed at your own pace, and you are encouraged to invite other members of your congregation to participate in all or part of the experience with you.

The Congregation Administration program is designed as a collection of courses, led by separate facilitators, in which you will address some basic issues confronted daily by the pastor or lay administrator of a parish. Each course invites you to complete a project that you may immediately put to use in your congregtion.

You are also invited to share your project, as well as your comments and questions, with other participants in the course via the Forum. The course modules include: 

Legal Issues for Congregations: In administering your congregation, it is best to know where you may encounter areas of vulnerability and thus need to establish sound policies and practices. 

Records Management for Congregations: This course will give you the necessary information to create and apply a records retention schedule. 

Maintaining the Parish Register: In this course, you are asked to address issues regarding the maintenance of your parish register. 

How To Do a Congregation Self-study: Congregations do self-studies as part of a long-range planning process or as part of the preparation for the call process. 

How to Present the Congregation's Public Image: Learn how to get media coverage for events and offerings, and what can be done to help share news of their contributions to the community. 

Preserving the Congregation's History -- Building a Congregational Archive: Archives are the collective memory of an organization. In order to preserve the entire history of the ELCA, archives are needed in each congregation.

Anyone who desires to learn is welcome. Whether you are interested in lifelong learning, require continuing education credits or have a desire to complete a seminary degree, courses delivered by Fisher's Net work for diverse educational goals.

Keep in mind that courses require different means of registration. Courses listed on the Fisher's Net site will give details of enrollment and registration. Remember, there is no charge for the course in Congregation Administration.

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