Lenten worship resources


Lenten worship resources


Looking for resources for midweek Lenten worship? "Holden Evening Prayer" is a popular choice.

A set of additional resources to consider is the volume "Holden Prayer Around the Cross" by Susan Briehl and Tom Witt (and its companion "Singing Our Prayer" resources (full music songbook, 978-0-8066-9683-6; assembly songbook, 978-0-8066-9682-9; audio CD, 978-0-8066-9684-3).

While the basic handbook has been around a while, published by Holden Village, this is a new, enlarged edition with 14 liturgies and many suggestions for conducting the services.

The music options feature a wealth of short, simple pieces useful for these services as well as many other occasions.

For more information about the season of Lent, Palm/Passion Sunday, the Three Days and services of daily prayer, consult the third volume in the "Using Evangelical Lutheran Worship" series, "Keeping Time: The Church’s Years," which contains a wealth of information about the church year and daily prayer.

Many congregations are making good and creative use of the evening services in "Evangelical Lutheran Worship," Evening Prayer (p. 309) and Night Prayer (p. 320). The melodies are beautiful and the orders are adaptable to a wide range of circumstances.

Mid-week Lenten worship services present the opportunity to emphasize and expand upon Lenten lectionary themes of God’s mercy and forgiveness. The daily lectionary provides a series of biblical texts that complement the Sunday readings.

The daily texts for Monday through Wednesday reflect on the previous Sunday while Thursday through Saturday’s texts anticipate the coming Sunday.

Each Wednesday, a reading from one of the four Gospels is provided. The daily lectionary can be found beginning on page 1,121 of "Evangelical Lutheran Worship."

The "Sundays and Seasons" resources from Augsburg Fortress suggest a mid-week Lenten set of readings for Evening Prayer that highlight the Sunday Lenten lectionary themes by repeating one of the Sunday readings for each mid-week service and suggesting complementary hymns.

Additionally, "Sundays and Seasons" (978-0-8066-5301-3) provides a six-part worship series titled, "Shadows of the Cross." This series focuses on particular events in Christ’s journey to the cross and the spiritual insight therein.

Each week provides visual and tactile suggestions that may enhance the proclamation of the gospel.

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