Living Lutheran
Martin Luther said, “Our faith is a living, busy, mighty, active thing.” At Living Lutheran we invite you to share in the sense of purpose that our faith brings to our lives. As an online publication of the ELCA, our goal is to provide a place for members and friends alike to find lively engagement in faith and life. Here you’ll find the voices of ELCA members, as well as what’s happening in our church both across the country and around the world. We have resources for congregations, ideas to inspire and places to share what’s on your mind.

The ELCA is the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. For us this faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person — complexities and all. The ELCA traces its roots directly to the teachings of Martin Luther, a 16th-century German monk, whose writings and teachings spearheaded the Protestant Reformation.

Living Lutheran offers a platform for ELCA members to share their diverse experiences of what it means to live Lutheran. Welcome!

Seeds for the Parish
Seeds for the Parish is the resource newspaper of the ELCA. Each issue contains articles designed to provide congregational leaders with insights, ideas and tools to aid them in a variety of ministries including worship, Christian education, stewardship, evangelism, youth ministries, social ministries, leadership and more. Seeds for the Parish is sent to congregational leaders four times a year without charge.

To subscribe or get more information please send an email to Seeds.

Stories of Faith in Action
Welcome to the 2014 issue of Stories of Faith in Action!

The ELCA is the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. We are a church rooted in Scripture, tradition, the Lutheran Confessions and in the rich histories of our congregations who work tirelessly in building community and providing life-sustaining ministries.

This issue of Stories of Faith in Action features the images and stories of people whose lives have been touched by ELCA ministries in the past year, all made possible with your congregational offering. When you give to your congregation, a percentage of that money is shared with your synod and with the ELCA churchwide organization. This is called Mission Support. Together we do God’s work in the world in ways that no individual, congregation or synod can do alone.

Learn more about how your offering is put to work throughout the United States and in the world. Order your free copy of Stories of Faith in Action today!

To order free copies call 800-638-3522 and ask for ELCAMA1198. Order online at here. Search for ELCAMA1198.You'll only pay for shipping.

The Lutheran
“The Lutheran” – Faithfully for 182 years

From 1831 to today, “The Lutheran” magazine and its predecessors have been a critical component in the mix of communication across this church. Connect your congregation and members to ELCA ministries and other congregations — locally, nationally and globally — through stories in the magazine that educate, inspire and nurture faith.

“The Lutheran” is where you will find news and views on how life, faith, Scripture, congregational mission and more impact your life daily. Use it as a resource for education, outreach and evangelism, as well as a discussion forum for tough issues of the day.

“The Lutheran” provides vital resources for healthy ELCA congregations and engaged members on topics such as Lutheranism 101, faith formation and Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, as well as an online library of more than 9,000 stories and 400-plus study guides linked to major articles in the magazine.

Print and digital subscriptions are available.

For more information about plans:
  • Call 800-328-4648
Even after some two centuries, “The Lutheran” has more news to report, more stories to tell and more lives to connect in faith-filled mission.