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Global Church Sunday
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International Leaders - Women
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Youth for YAGM
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Cambodia: Expanding Outreach
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Jerusalem/West Bank: YAGM
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Madagascar: YAGM
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Malaysia: Outreach Among Indigenous Neighbors
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Mexico: YAGM
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Middle East and North Africa: Strengthening Arab Christian Evangelical Witness
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Myanmar: Strengthening the Emerging Church
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Rwanda: YAGM
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Senegal: Growing the Church
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Siberia: Equipping the Faithful
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Zambia: Constructing New Churches
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Zimbabwe: Building Up the Church
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Stories from the Global Church

In accompaniment in Zambia

​Philip Knutson

The ELCA’s accompaniment in Bangladesh

Chandran Paul Martin

Empowering women for success

Elizabeth Hendrickson

A thank-you and goodbye

Lanny Westphal

Why do I volunteer?

Catie Gibbons


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