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Global Church Sunday
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International Leaders - Women
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Youth for YAGM
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Cambodia: Expanding Outreach
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Jerusalem/West Bank: YAGM
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Madagascar: YAGM
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Malaysia: Outreach Among Indigenous Neighbors
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Mexico: YAGM
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Middle East and North Africa: Strengthening Arab Christian Evangelical Witness
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Myanmar: Strengthening the Emerging Church
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Rwanda: YAGM
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Senegal: Growing the Church
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Siberia: Equipping the Faithful
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Zambia: Constructing New Churches
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Zimbabwe: Building Up the Church
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Stories from the Global Church

Getting settled in Japan

Zach Corbin

Finding church beyond the walls

Beth Blackwood

Christmas greetings from Tanzania

Deborah and Joe Troester

Give gifts to grow the global church!

Lanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorship

Advent amid protests in Hong Kong

Carolyn Schneider


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