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Together, we CAN end hunger!  Click on a the buttons above to find resources to learn more about the causes and cures for hunger and how our Lutheran faith gives rise to a courageous, effective and meaningful response to hunger and poverty – in our own communities and around the world!

Did you know…

…over 800 million people in the world do not get enough food each day to live healthy lives? (World Food Programme)

…in the United States, nearly 16 million children are not sure where their next meal will come from? (Bread for the World)

…about HALF of all adults in the United States aged 20-65 will need federal assistance to buy food at some point during their lifetime? (Food Research and Action Center)

Did you ALSO know…

…the world produces enough food to give every living person 2,868 calories per day? (Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.)

…the number of people living in chronic hunger worldwide has fallen 17 percent since the early 1990s? (World Food Programme)

…in 2014, gifts to ELCA World Hunger helped support over 380 anti-hunger ministries in the United States and 250 programs in over 50 other countries – from food pantries to community gardens, from health care clinics to job training programs, and so much more?


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