Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Secretary provides administrative services and tools for ELCA leaders who are serving this church in their congregations, synods and the churchwide organization, especially those given responsibility for governance of the ELCA.

The secretary interprets the constitutions and other governing documents of this church and is responsible for maintaining its rosters, the ELCA archives, and the minutes and records of certain meetings. The Office of the Secretary receives the annual report of the congregations, provides travel and physical arrangements for meetings of the churchwide organization, compiles information for the online ELCA Directory, staffs the nominating processes of this church and coordinates the use of legal counsel.

Deacon Sue E. Rothmeyer was elected to serve a six-year term as ELCA secretary by the 2019 Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee. Previously, Secretary Rothmeyer served as assistant to the secretary and executive for Office of the Secretary administration from 2012 to 2019. She has worked for the churchwide organization in Chicago in various roles, including youth and young adult and campus ministry, since 1995.

Office of the Secretary



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