Conference of Bishops

Synod bishop
Each synod elects a bishop to oversee the administration of the synod and its staff.

Synod bishops and the Conference of Bishops
In addition to synodical responsibilities, the 65 synod bishops join the elected ELCA Presiding Bishop and Secretary to form the Conference of Bishops. This 67-member group gathers at least twice each year for worship and study, mutual sharing and to conduct business.

While primarily advisory, the role of the Conference of Bishops is significant within the life of this church. The conference elects its own officers, has standing committees and a representative to each ELCA churchwide unit and separately incorporated ministry. The conference has a particular role in matters related to rostered ministers and also reviewing proposals before they are passed along to the ELCA Church Council for adoption.

The conference advises the Presiding Bishop in matters related to churchwide planning and ecumenical relations.

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