The future of this church depends on its future leaders. Good, strong leadership matters in a church that is called to live and serve in a world full of complexities and ambiguities. We need leaders who will ground us in God’s love and forgiveness and send us out to do God’s work in the world. By accompanying youth and young adults in their faith journeys, and supporting talented, gifted students as they prepare to begin a life of ministry, we invest in the future of the ELCA. You can help:

Goal for ELCA Fund for Leaders – $15 million

Grow the permanent endowment fund so that, for generations to come, hundreds more of the most promising leaders can respond to the call to serve our congregations.

Goal for Youth and Young Adults – $4 million

Expand our ministries with youth and young adults to cultivate young leaders, lift up the importance of diversity and inclusion, and build a robust network of support for youth and young adults in our church.


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