Fundraising Ideas

Fund a family farm

Global Farm Challenge Featured Fundraiser Talk about a transformation! A cow, a couple of goats, a dozen chicks, two pigs, farming tools, seeds, and agricultural training and support, for example, can help a family achieve a fresh start. Challenge your group to raise $715 to provide a family with new tools and support, so crops can grow stronger than ever. Eggs, milk and meat from the farm animals can be a life-changing source of food – to eat and sell on the market – helping a family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty – for good.

Pass the pig

Raise awareness about world hunger by creating a game of “pass the pig.” Create and decorate a large cutout pig and place it around town at members’ homes or local businesses, and leave it there until a donation is made. Your group can also ask for early donations as “insurance” against getting passed the pig.

Noisy Offering

Ask worship attendees to fill watering cans, wheelbarrows or jars with change for two, three or four consecutive Sundays. Pass the containers at youth group, confirmation, congregation council and other meetings.

Build a barn

Use a toy farm set to create a farm scene near your congregation’s sanctuary or in the narthex. As you raise enough money to buy different animals, add the animals to your farm scene. You can also use paper or cloth cutouts to make the scene on your congregation’s bulletin board.


ELCA World Hunger's Global Farm Challenge

Working with global companion churches and trusted partners around the world, ELCA World Hunger spends more than $7 million per year on sustainable development-related projects.*

  • $30 could provide a piglet, which can quickly grow to 200 pounds or more. Should a family have an unexpected need, this gift can be sold for a pretty penny to make all the difference.
  • $100 could give a family a pair of goats, whose milk can provide daily nutrition for children and their families.
  • $200 can start a community vegetable garden, resulting in plenty of tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, beans, cassava and other vegetables to go around.
  • $500 can provide a cow, which can produce as many as 3 gallons per day of nutritious, calcium-packed milk for families to drink.
  • $715 could help a family farm get a fresh start – a cow, a couple of goats, a dozen chicks, two pigs, farming tools, seeds, and agricultural training and support.
  • $1,000 provides a pair of oxen and a plow, a transformational way to share God’s abundance with those in need, with the possibility of doubling or tripling a farmer’s annual harvest.

What do I do with my offering?
Each congregation attending the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in June will bring their offering (individual or collective cash or checks) to Houston – look for ELCA World Hunger’s Global Farm Challenge in the Interactive Learning space at the NRG Center in Houston.

Not attending the ELCA Youth Gathering?
No problem! You can still be part of this historic challenge. Create your own fundraising event in your congregation and send your checks to:

P.O. Box 1809
Merrifield, VA 22116-8009

Please make your checks payable to “ELCA World Hunger” and include “Global Farm Challenge” on the memo line so it can be included in the national total. To tell us more about your gift, use this order form.

* The projects listed here are examples of work being done in programs supported by funds from ELCA World Hunger. Because we seek to honor your generosity and keep administrative costs low, the ELCA does not track individual gifts to specific families or locations in the United States or abroad. These gifts will support sustainable development-related projects where needed most, so your donation has the biggest impact.