Cross Cultural Conversations

When we read the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-12, we discover that the church of Jesus Christ started as a multicultural, multiracial, multilingual church; people of many cultures, from many countries and speaking many languages gathered together all witnessing to God’s saving and reconciling work through Jesus Christ. The ELCA's work to be a truly multicultural church is being faithful to what God has already begun in the story of Pentecost. By being a multicultural church the ELCA is not creating something new; rather, we are continuing work God started long ago.

Multicultural Ministries of the ELCA believes that being multicultural is God's mission and not our own. Our involvement in God’s work happens when we step forward with confidence in God’s grace that moves us to help restore and reconcile communities in Jesus Christ’s name throughout the world.

Talking together cross-culturally

We are a church that believes God is calling the church into both the world and our own communities which have people of many cultures, races and languages.  God calls us to address the challenges of becoming more culturally diverse congregations living and serving together in a culturally diverse world.

By gathering together and talking with people of all cultures and backgrounds, congregations can deepen their ministries or develop exciting new ministries grounded in God’s love and forgiveness. When we draw closer to each other in conversation and life, we can learn to embrace each other — cultures, questions, complexities and all. The church becomes more culturally diverse and freed to work at restoring, reconciling and healing communities.

There are two important resources that can help congregations and communities engage in discussions and interaction with people across different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. Used individually or together, these resources help us work toward realizing a truly multicultural church that works together to understand and address life’s issues, complexities and questions:

“Talking Together as Christians Cross-culturally: A Field Guide” (revised edition) (available in Spanish). Call 800-638-3522 to receive the Spanish version, “Dialogando en Conjunto como Cristianos."  Download the English version: Here.

“Talking Together as Christians about Tough Social Issues” (available in Spanish) .  Download the English version: Here,  Call 800-638-3522 to receive the Spanish version, “Dialogando en Conjunto como Cristianos."

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