Military Chaplain Candidates

Seminary students can participate in a “come and see” experience to discern whether military chaplaincy might be a good fit for ministry. Seminary students preparing for ordained ministry who are accepted or enrolled full-time in seminary, are encouraged to consider entering the military chaplain candidate program. It is a unique and challenging opportunity for doing God’s work in the world and serving men and women who are serving in the U.S. military.

The Army, Navy and United States Air Force all offer chaplaincy opportunities for those who are candidates for ministry in the ELCA and enrolled in seminary. To participate as a military chaplain candidate, you will need a letter of approval from the Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy Ministries. This letter of approval requires a statement from the bishop of the synod in which you are a candidate for ministry, a letter from your seminary registrar, and a statement from the applicant — you — using the worksheet provided by the Bureau.

Please contact the Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy Ministries by phone or email for further details about the steps and process for moving toward the chaplain candidate program, and discerning if chaplaincy may be a part of your calling. Call 202-626-3846 or email.