Texas and Louisiana Flooding

The situation:
After copious amounts of rainfall and several flash floods throughout the Louisiana-Texas area, thousands were left without power. Many families have found themselves displaced from their homes, and for some, multiple times.

Our response:
Through congregations, synods and disaster affiliate organizations, Lutheran Disaster Response is assisting those who have been affected by the flooding. Lutheran Disaster Response’s coordinator is present, working with community leaders and officials planning the proper responses, particularly the long-term recovery efforts. The road to recovery is long, and we will be there to accompany those impacted through every phase of this disaster. Your gifts are needed to launch continue recovery efforts.

What you can do:

Continue to pray for the people affected by flooding. May God’s healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need.

Gifts to Texas and Louisiana Flooding will be used to assist those directly impacted by the flooding until the response is complete.

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