U.S. Storms

The Situation:
Flooding and tornadoes have wreaked havoc across the Midwest and South. Heavy rainfall and record flooding have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people, claiming the lives of at least 24 people, threatening crops and livestock and putting scores of homes underwater after days of unusual winter weather.

Our Response:
Lutheran Disaster Response is working with social ministries and synods that serve the impacted communities in shaping the response to this dynamic situation across multiple states. This initial response of neighbor helping neighbor and organizations responding in their own communities will be expanded by our long-standing network of support to assist those impacted. Together we will work to rebuild lives.

What you can do:

Please pray for all those affected by the tornadoes and flooding. Remember those who have lost everything and all those who are working to respond. You can use these prayers and resources in your worship services.


Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response will be used to help meet unmet needs, providing long-term and effective support to communities in need.

To learn more about the situation and the ELCA’s response:
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