Long Term

Personnel positions in long-term service meet core programmatic needs in the ELCA's global mission program. The positions are carefully developed in consultation with the ELCA's companion churches, and the personnel provide an important resource within the mission strategy of the companion church.

Usually at least one other language must be spoken. Language training is provided, as necessary. As these positions require the intimate knowledge of a country, people and culture that can only be acquired over time, a commitment of four or more years is normally necessary. Application is open to lay or clergy, except as the specific job description details. Positions are open to single individuals and couples, with or without dependent children.

The number of long-term positions is limited; they are supported and budgeted by the resources of the ELCA through the Mission Support system.

For further information contact ELCA Human Resources -Global Service at 1-800-638-3522, ext. 2578 or by email.

ELCA Global Mission four categories of service: