Mission Formation

Living in the global church challenges inherited notions of ministry and faith. A mission trip to a companion church or a meal with a congregation across town can prompt questions:

What is mission?

Who is our neighbor?

Who is the Other?

These questions invite us into formation — the Christian response to Jesus’ call toward a lifelong faith journey. This process calls us to form, and reform, our faith through experiences and actions. Formation happens everywhere. There are always “borders” to be crossed, visible and invisible. As we cross them, we open our heads, hearts and hands to be formed and reformed, with, in, and to Christ. We are a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together.

Mission Formation provides tools to help ELCA members integrate and grow their faith while engaging globally. Through Glocal Mission Gatherings and other events and resources, the team seeks to empower people to:
  • actively engage in and reflect on cross-cultural relationships using a shared language and set of tools;
  • become aware of the social and cultural contexts of Scripture and the realities of today’s world;
  • give and get the most from relationships with global partners, and to see those experiences as formation;
  • learn to see and live “glocally” by applying what is learned globally to congregations and local ministry.  
Come join the conversation, grow in faith, and be equipped for God's work in a “glocal” world!