Care for Returning Veterans

We sometimes need to be reminded to welcome and care for those who are placed on the edges of society, particularly people who experienced war and combat. We are called to love, serve and welcome the strangers at our doors, not only by official mandate of our church, but by Jesus Christ when he says, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

“Care for Returning Veterans” is a daylong workshop developed by the ELCA for use in congregations, synods and other ministry settings. The workshop includes a multimedia presentation that deals with “the veteran's experience” — psychological impacts, moral impacts, spiritual impacts, family impacts, and referrals and resources. The components of the workshop are available as a free DVD that includes a PowerPoint multimedia presentation with videos, script and print materials. 

The “Care for Returning Veterans” workshops have been developed in response to these needs and the call to love and serve our neighbor. It’s not a complete response, it might well be called “Welcoming Returning Veterans 101,” but it is a first step to assist pastors, caregivers, congregations and others who want to put out the welcome mat for our returning veterans and their families.

Call the ELCA Federal Chaplaincy Ministries at 202-626-3846 to request a copy or for more information about “Care for Returning Veterans” please email.