The ELCA is committed to identifying, preparing and supporting faithful, wise and courageous leaders through this church’s seven seminaries.

ELCA Seminaries

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The ELCA has a long history and tradition of training and preparing pastors and other rostered leaders to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to inspire and equip members to participate in God’s work in the world. 

Seminary students are introduced to a deeper study of Scripture, tradition, Lutheran Confessions and the rich history of this church while encouraging humility of service and confidence in God’s power to reconcile and renew communities. They examine the complexities and questions of life, communities and the world so they can better communicate God’s living word in contexts that are always changing. Most importantly, students and leaders are called to be teachers in word and action, inviting and equipping people to participate in listening to God, each other and to the world so that together we can love and serve our neighbor with a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.

In times of rapid change in the church and the world, our seminaries are always working to offer a greater variety of programs and resources to prepare and support more kinds of leaders equipped to live and serve here and now, in the world, with all its complexities, tensions and ambiguities.

It’s a great time to learn more about what our seminaries are doing and what they offer you, your congregation and anyone who would like to stretch their faith and service.

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The ELCA Fund for Leaders
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program that supports
future leaders in this church.

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