In the United States, the Caribbean and U.S. Virgin Islands, ELCA World Hunger works with individuals and congregations to raise awareness and address hunger and poverty in these key areas:

Community development

We accompany and assist ELCA congregations, social ministry organizations and grassroots community-based nonprofits that address poverty, hunger and related social justice issues. By offering assessment and consultation services — as well as providing funding through ELCA World Hunger-funded Domestic Hunger Grants and the Developmental Loan Fund — we partner with others to build healthy, sustainable ministries.


We depend on volunteers across the ELCA to raise awareness, share the story and promote the mission we are part of through ELCA World Hunger. Individuals, congregations and synods all play unique roles in eradicating poverty and hunger, and we leverage those networked efforts to make a difference. By sharing best practices and stories from our congregations, we multiply our effect.


Through a variety of learning opportunities for children, youth, and adults across our church we discover ways we can work toward the prevention and alleviation of hunger. ELCA World Hunger develops and provides educational resources and events that equip the members of this church to make a difference.


We believe that government and elected officials play an essential role. We encourage funding that helps people who need food, housing and healthcare, and we urge protection of the land and waters that people rely on for food and livelihood. By speaking with and on behalf of those who are hungry through advocacy, ELCA World Hunger works to change the systems that perpetuate poverty.


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