Asia-Pacific Disaster Response

The situation:
Over the past two months, a surge of COVID-19 cases has spread across India. The country has officially recorded over 27 million cases and 315,000 deaths. India reported the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases in the world on April 30, with a record 400,000 new cases. The numbers of daily cases and deaths are suspected to be much higher than reported.

Our response:
For the past year, Lutheran Disaster Response has supported companion churches and partners throughout India and around the world as they raise awareness about COVID-19, provide personal protective equipment and distribute sanitation supplies to vulnerable communities. Padhar Hospital, a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh, has a ward dedicated to COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, the hospital is currently being forced to turn away patients because it lacks the space and oxygen to support them. Lutheran Disaster Response is helping Padhar Hospital purchase an oxygen generator for its COVID-19 ward so it can treat more patients and not have to turn away people suffering with COVID-19.

The work of Padhar Hospital is just one example of how our companions and faith-based partners continue to bring relief to communities during the pandemic. In addition, LDR is supporting companions and partners throughout India including Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bodo Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lutheran World Service India Trust, Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church, and United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India. The response includes distributing food and hygiene kits to vulnerable populations, conducting livelihood training for returning migrant workers, sharing information about COVID-19 and promoting prevention practices.

What you can do:
Please pray for communities in India and around the world impacted by COVID-19. May God's healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need. Pray that God will deliver comfort to those who mourn and strength to those working diligently to contain the fires and care for affected communities.

Please give today. Your gifts ensure that our church will be able to provide help and hope for those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in India. Gifts designated for “Asia-Pacific Disaster Response” will be used entirely (100%) for direct response to COVID-19 in India and to other disasters in the region.

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